Shipment Management

Updated on 09, October 2019

Managing shipments is a critical time-consuming process in the logistics industry. Shipping logistics management involves organisation, management of trailers across the carrier's offices, execution, and control of the transportation of your shipped items. Waybill-software can control these work process and increase the productivity and efficiency of the company's systems.

Waybill offers a lot of bulk actions which you will do usually against single shipments, now it can be done by selecting multiple at a time. You can select multiple shipments and update the status of them at one click. Similarly, the available bulk actions are status update, apply charges, marking payment status, export shipments, export manifest, assign shipment to uses, assigning to drivers and lot more.

Shipment Management

Visual dashboards empower your team to spot trends, identify opportunities, and make better data-driven decisions.

Waybill platform is a cloud-based system. By utilizing the secure and robust infrastructure, our team delivers a safe, highly performed cloud experience.

Software operations provide fully-integrated management to monitor every aspect and react to every change to your shipment in real-time. We seek to deliver high-quality service to customers while keeping operations costs low and productivity high.

Data and Shipment document allows for sharing of transaction data and documents between all parties of the supply chain. This improves data sharing, and reduce communication costs between offices and agents.

Centralise rate and data management with a common platform that is simple to integrate, extend, deploy and access. Waybill platform enables inbound and outbound operations to maximize diverse customer demands and supplies. We support multi-countries and currencies.   

From booking, collection, dispatch and warehouse management..etc Waybill platform delivers insight and efficiency connected solutions that transform every part of your business.

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