Shipment Status Updates

Updated on 21, August 2019

You need a service that alerts you to changes, status updates and other details, keeping you current on where your product is in the shipping process. Here is where Waybill software's Shipment Status Updates feature comes in handy.

Updating shipment status with pre-defined list of options will reduce the time to update. Optionally you can save the update values in the system for future use or type in the values for one-time use. You can also update shipment status through bulk selection. All the shipments assigned in one container will inherit the status updates whenever applied to the particular containers. This way you can group the shipments in one container and update them all at once.

Shipment status updates

The available actions in shipment status are updating Date and Time, Status of product delivery, Location, Remarks,..etc. After entering required fields you can update them for your future references.

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